Cancellation Policy:

Zen Software has a liberal cancellation policy to help its customers as far as possible.
Cancellations, if you choose to make, must be made within 24 hours of placing the order. A full refund will be issued in such case.

Refund Policy:

Where or whom should you contact regarding refund?
To request a refund, customers can contact us through:

E-mail – You can send in your request for refund through an email, addressed to us at (, mentioning your name (as it appears on your card), email, phone number, date of charge and amount of charge. We will get in touch with you at the earliest and get the process completed.

How long does the refund inquiry process take?

Refund inquiry takes about 3-4 business days.
Customer must follow the above terms and conditions for full refund.

What is the method used for refunding?

If the request for a refund is found justified and valid, then the refund will be made directly to the customer through the medium that was used at the time of purchase.