Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing tends to be one of the main sectors that have a major role in gaining the complete satisfaction to its clients. The mobile app testing owns the testing for development of mobile app to check its working, usage and dependability. We let you both types of mobile app testing i.e. both manual and automatic.

Mobile Application Testing @ Zen Software

Zen Software possess very good skills in the areas of mobile application testing, more precisely the enterprise apps, product apps and mobile games. Zen Software lets you the best and topmost quality apps that let you an independent mobile app testing convenience in sectors like finance, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, transport and logistics.

Services we offer you under mobile app testing

  • Core mobile testing functions- it can be stated as the testing of its functions, compatibility, usability, stress for all the important mobile platforms.
  • Test automation functions- it can be stated as accelerator automation outline which helps you for different mobile podiums like android, blackberry, IOS and windows. The tools utilized here are HP QTP & QC.
  • Open source testing services- it can be stated as mobile app testing framework that can be used to build open source framework like Selenium, Robotium and Monket Talk
  • Performance testing- it can be stated as the involvement of server side testing mobile portal server, stress testing that conveys mobile apps and verification of its memory, battery and CPU.
  • Mobile cloud testing- it can be stated as cloud testing set-up that perform the cloud related services for several of the mobile apps.
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